Full Statement of Faith

Accurate, biblical beliefs are undeniably critical to the health and survival of a church. While some secondary or tertiary doctrines can differ from denomination to denomination, there are others which are non-negotiable in the Christian’s life and faith.

Posted below is the in-depth exposition of Greystone’s core beliefs, complete with linked Scripture references for your convenience.

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Daily Bible

2017 update
The “Read Scripture” program entries can be found here:

We believe that “biblical literacy” is a¬†necessary part of every healthy Christian’s life. But trying to read the Bible on our own can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if we don’t have access to all the study references and religious training that a pastor has.

Daily Bible attempts to balance the necessity of reading the Scripture with questions designed to help you think about what you’ve read while shedding a little more light on stuff that’s difficult to understand.

As always, if you read something and want to learn more about it, you can always leave a comment on the blog post or send us an email at GreystoneChurchRI@gmail.com